– Bug Shields & Vent Visors

EGR Ventvisor

EGR Ventvisor

The vent visor keeps rain out and lets fresh air in. Helps to reduce heat buildup in parked vehicles by allowing windows to be kept partially open. Made of reinforced acrylic in attractive dark grey smoke.

Vent visor custom applications are available for most cars (2 and 4 door), trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles.

Sunroof visors are a great accessory to add. They help reduce wind noise. They can be custom fitted for your vehicle.

Bugshields: EGR’s engineers have designed a NO-DRILL installation system that is used extensively throughout EGR’s product applications. These systems have been rigorously tested and meet OEM specifications.

They have been patented in a number of countries. EGR’s NO-DRILL systems comprise of a combination of clips, screw plugs, screws, and washers that are used to provide robust attachment.

Installed according to the recommended instructions, EGR’s NO-DRILL fixing methods will not cause damage or corrosion to the hood or other parts of the vehicle. The systems are quick to install with common hand tools and detailed pictorial installation guides are supplied.