undercover1Undercover is the new standard in tonneau covers. Our Patented X-effectTM design and advanced polymers give this tonneau cover unparalleled strength and durability at a fraction of the weight and less cost than fiberglass.  Undercover tonneau covers are the fastest and easiest cover to remove! Off in 2 minutes and back on your truck in 2 minutes! The “Quick Release” hardware and lightweight material which makes up the Undercover tonneau covers allow for easy removal and storage in seconds. Wall mount hardware is included with every Tonneau Undercover Covers and allows you to hang your Undercover up on the wall when you remove it from your truck. This keeps your garage clutter free!

  Low Profile

The rails of the Undercover Flex are designed to rest inside the bed rails giving the Flex a very low profile appearance. From the profile of the truck, it’s as if there is no tonneau cover on it at all.
Full Bed Access
Most hard tonneau covers don’t allow you full bed access without removing the whole cover. The Undercover Flex can be folded all the way up to the cab and held in place with Prop Rods. These rods near the front of the bed, expand when you need them and stow away in rubber coated clips when you don’t.
Easy Removal
The cover can be removed with no tools in just seconds. Easy to operate clamps allow you to pull the Flex off of its rails in the situation you don’t want to damage it if you are hauling heavy cargo.
Secure Design
If you need only a portion of the Flex Tonneau Cover open you can secure it with built in buckles and straps so that it won’t move while driving. Slam latches on the underside of the panels secure the tonneau cover down when closed all the way.
FRP Panels
Each of the three panels is constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer which is more durable than aluminum and gives it a higher load capacity. This cover can handle anything mother nature can throw at it and it will not deteriorate
Weather Resistant
Along with the FRP panels, each hinge is made of a long lasting rubber that won’t leak. Any water that gets through the side of the Undercover Flex Tonneau Cover will be funneled into a water channel on the rail and drained out of the bed through the drainage system
No Drill Installation
The best part about the flex is the installation is simple and clean. No drilling is required which makes the installation faster and easy for anyone to accomplish. If you ever get rid of the truck, there won’t be any drill holes to repair.

UnderCover Classic Tonneau Cover

Undercover really wanted to out-do themselves when it came to the brand new Undercover SE Lux Tonneau Cover. Of course, the people who benefit most are the customers! To better the products they already manufactured up until now, they built a brand new, state of the art paint facility with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality and best matching paint finish available.

The Undercover Lux is based off the SE Smooth. It has all of the same features with the benefit of being paint matched to your vehicle, where as the SE Smooth comes unpainted or a custom paint job.

SE Lux Features

Paint Matched
Undercover built a brand new paint facility specifically for the Lux Tonneau Cover. This facility will allow for the most accurate color match to your specific vehicle and quality paint.
The Undercover SE Tonneau Cover is deigned with a lower profile. This adds to the aesthetics of the truck and aerodynamics is enhanced with a modest spoiler on the rear accompanied by 3 subtle ribs toward the front.
Center Lock
Instead of two twist locks, the Undercover SE takes advantage of a center locking mechanism that secures both sides from one point in the center. The cover still comes with 2 keys for backup and makes daily use much easier with this style lock.


rolllock1Roll N Lock’s one-piece clamp-on track design eliminates drilling the bed rails on most trucks and reduces installation time as well as perimeter leakage. Roll N Lock offers an auto positioning feature and tailgate locking option. These patented designs are controlled by a low-profile thumb lever for quick, easy positioning or latching without fade resistant vinyl laminated to an interlocking aluminum substrate, minimizing road flutter at any speed. Roll N Lock also offers a new cargo manager option, which is a sliding cargo barrier cage designed to keep cargo in any specific place. You’ll have no snaps to manipulate, no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no cross bars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage to struggle with, and – best of all – no worries about the security of your cargo. The ROLL-N-LOCK retractable bed cover…by far the most sophisticated and versatile truck bed cover made.

Extang: Americas Number One Selling Tonno






access-cover1Access Cover- The Access® Roll-up Cover is the most asked for tonneau cover! This roll-up tonneau cover gives you the adaptability you need and the sporty look you want. Each tonneau is made model specific for the tightest fit. Our truck bed covers are available for most Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota pickup trucks. The Access® Roll-up Cover is the most versatile truck accessory you’ll ever own and comes with our Premium Cover™ Lifetime Warranty which covers all components, even the fabric!





jason-lid2Jason Lids-Jason offers the industry’s most complete selections with three styles that fit most trucks. All of our lids are the ultimate in custom fitted tonneau covers. Each lid is designed to accent the truck’s style lines, resulting in an aerodynamic style and fit. With Jason, you have a choice of styling and price. Our advanced engineering processes ensure high standards of crafted automotive quality, styling and security. You can see all the standard and optional features for your Jason tonneau cover here. All are back by Jason’s limited lifetime structure and paint warranties. Hardware components are warranted for three years.

jason-cap1Jason Caps- Jason offers one the industry’s most complete selections with seven exceptional styles that fit most trucks. Each Jason cap includes an interior dome light, tinted safety glass, easy-lift gas door struts, a third brake light, a locking rear door, and an integrated fiberglass base rail system. All are back by Jason’s limited lifetime structure and paint warranties. Jason truck caps add security, great looks and value to your truck. You can see all the standard and optional features for your Jason truck cap here